Suzanna Ff Ribeiro

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Dominant mutations in three fibroblast growth factor receptor genes (FGFRs1-3) cause Crouzon, Jackson-Weiss, Pfeiffer, and Apert syndromes. In the present study, 50 Brazilian patients with these four syndromes (27 Apert, 17 Crouzon, 5 Pfeiffer, and 1 Jackson-Weiss patients) were screened for mutations in the FGFR1-3 genes. Except for one, all the Apert(More)
Several plant organs contain proteinase inhibitors, which are produced during normal plant development or are induced upon pathogen attack to suppress the enzymatic activity of phytopathogenic microorganisms. In this study, we examined the presence of proteinase inhibitors, specifically trypsin inhibitors, in the leaf extract of Capsicum baccatum var.(More)
Coffee, an agronomical crop of great economic importance, is also among the most commonly traded commodities in worldwide markets. Antimicrobial peptides, which play a role in plant defense, have been identified and isolated particularly from seeds. We isolated and immunolocalized Cc-LTP2, a new lipid transfer protein (LTP) from Coffea canephora seeds. We(More)
BACKGROUND During the last few years, a growing number of antimicrobial peptides have been isolated from plants and particularly from seeds. Recent results from our laboratory have shown the purification of a new trypsin inhibitor, named CaTI, from chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds. This study aims to evaluate the antifungal activity and mechanism of(More)
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