Suzana Terumi Honda

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BACKGROUND In women with breast cancer submitted to neoadjuvant chemotherapy based in doxorubicin, tumor expression of groups of three genes (PRSS11, MTSS1, CLPTM1 and PRSS11, MTSS1, SMYD2) have classified them as responsive or resistant. We have investigated whether expression of these trios of genes could predict mammary carcinoma response in dogs and(More)
Our aim was to evaluate the interaction between breast cancer cells and nodal fibroblasts, by means of their gene expression profile. Fibroblast primary cultures were established from negative and positive lymph nodes from breast cancer patients and a similar gene expression pattern was identified, following cell culture. Fibroblasts and breast cancer cells(More)
10570 Background: In breast cancer (BC), stromal-epithelial cell interactions may influence tumor development in the primary tumor (PT) and metastatic sites, which may be reflected by a differential phenotype of malignant cells and fibroblasts (Fb). METHODS To investigate the role of stromal cell interactions in tumor development in the primary site and(More)
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