Suzana Pinheiro Machado Mueller

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Hypoxemia can occur during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography probably induced by the analgesia and sedation done. Moreover the patients prone position difficults the adequate ventilation. The hypoxemia and hypoventilation may not be noticed by nursing staff. A transversal study was used to investigate possible predictive(More)
BACKGROUND The cleansing of the colon for a colonoscopy exam must be complete so as to allow the visualization and inspection of the intestinal lumen. The ideal cleansing agent should be easily administered, have a low cost, and minimum collateral effects. Sodium picosulfate together with the magnesium citrate is a cathartic stimulant and mannitol is an(More)
BACKGROUND Many publications have emphasized the need of proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process for reused materials intended to prevent cross infections. As the endoscope the esophageal manometry catheters are considered as semicritical materials and must be free of microrganisms. AIM To standardize the esophageal manometry materials(More)
This study analyses the appropriation process of electronic journals by academics at three Brazilian post graduation research programs (Master and Doctoral). The objective is to understand the internal structure of technological practices in the context of potential users, exploring two main characteristics of the appropriation process: the duality and the(More)
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