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Mobile phones are becoming a new platform to offer health services throughout the world, particularly in developing countries where the health sector experiences serious shortages. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that refers to the condition created by the body's inability to regulate glucose levels. It has been labeled the "silent epidemic" for its(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluate and compare manually collected paper records against electronic records for monitoring the weights of children under the age of 5. SETTING Data were collected by 24 community health workers (CHWs) in 2 Rwandan communities, 1 urban and 1 rural. PARTICIPANTS The same CHWs collected paper and electronic records. Paper data contain(More)
This paper explores the opportunity of a cooperation and knowledge sharing among the two developing yet promising countries, Bangladesh and Rwanda. Using our own comparative framework and field research data, we critically analyze two specific ICT infused community health services in Bangladesh and Rwanda, and explore whether, under a common comparative(More)
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