Suzan Duygu Bedir Eristi

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The current study focuses on the effectiveness of interactive instruction CDs which was designed for preschool students. Sixty-seven second grade students who were taking “Computer Teaching in Pre-School Education” at Anadolu University, Education Faculty, and Department of Pre-school Education participated in the current study. The data were collected in(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a scale which could be used to evaluate instructional website designs from the perspective of visual perception theories. For this purpose, a scale of 50 items was developed based on the literature and expert opinions. Visual perception theories such as Gestalt Theory, Brunswick’s Probabilistic Functionalism,(More)
Within the context of multicultural education process, bilingual students face the risk of failure due to the problems they experience while using their mother language. One of the groups that have similar problems is Turkish students in Norway; these students also have many problems in learning and using their mother language, Turkish. Some of these(More)
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