Suzan Bongers

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BACKGROUND Evidence exists that exposure to high levels of microbial agents such as endotoxin in the farm environment decreases the risk of atopic sensitization. Genetic variation in innate immunity genes may modulate the response to microbial agents and thus influence susceptibility to asthma and atopy. OBJECTIVE To study potential associations between(More)
PURPOSE It is recommended that patients with breast cancer who present with mammographically detected microcalcification should undergo postlumpectomy mammogram with magnification views to ensure adequate removal of all clinically demonstrable disease. The value of postlumpectomy mammogram has not been adequately examined in the literature. This report aims(More)
To assess whether the presence and amount of intraductal component (IC) in diagnostic needle core biopsies (NCB) is predictive of an extensive IC (EIC), the authors evaluated 50 invasive ductal carcinomas diagnosed with NCB, and then excised via lumpectomy, with regard to the extent of IC in both the NCB and subsequent lumpectomy specimen. These parameters(More)
PURPOSE To study the association between occupational MRI-related static magnetic fields (SMF) exposure and the occurrence of accidents. METHODS Recent and career SMF exposure was assessed by linking a retrospective job exposure matrix to payroll based job histories, for a cohort of (former) workers of an imaging device manufacturing facility in the(More)
At present, the relationship between chronic exposure to static magnetic fields (SMF) and health effects is unclear. We developed a task-based deterministic model for estimating historical electromagnetic field exposure from the static B-field (B0) of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, for a cohort of employees working at an MRI systems development(More)
Use of non-ionizing radiation (NIR) for diagnostic purposes allows non-invasive assessment of the structure and function of the human body and is widely employed in medical care. ICNIRP has published previous statements about the protection of patients during medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but diagnostic methods using other forms of NIR have not(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effects of repeated exposure to MRI-related acoustic noise during image acquisition procedures (scans) on hearing. METHODS A retrospective occupational cohort study was performed among workers of an MRI manufacturing facility (n=474). Longitudinal audiometry data from the facility's medical surveillance scheme collected from 1973 to(More)
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