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In many recent years, the programming world has been introduced about a new programming language for designing websites, it is CSS that can be be used together with HTML to develop a web interface. And now, these two programming languages as if inseparably from each other. As a client-side scripting, CSS is visible by all users as the original script, but(More)
Inside facial animation works there is an animator that need to be skilled enough to produce detailed animation, so the facial animation can be smooth when doing facial expressions. Every animated character requires special handling based on the characteristics of the size and location of the bone. This process, where every face model need special handling(More)
Facial animation an important part in the 3D virtual world which is the process of moving the character's face in 3D according to the joint motion that follows the reference human face. Importance of expression in the world of animation is a manifestation of its life an animated character. Importance of expression in the world of animation is a(More)
Shortest path algorithm is one of classic IT problems and already used in many aspects. One of well-known shortest path algorithm is A-Star algorithm. Usually A-Star will be implemented to a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in some games. This paper wants to tell how to optimize A-Star algorithm in a hexagon-based environment using Parallel Bidirectional Search(More)
US Presidential election is an event anticipated by US citizens and people around the world. By utilizing the big data provided by social media, this research aims to make a prediction of the party or candidate that will win the US presidential election 2016. This paper proposes two stages in research methodology which is data collection and implementation.(More)
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