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Association of Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) rs53576 Polymorphism with Sociality: A Meta-Analysis
A common variant in the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR), rs53576, has been broadly linked to socially related personality traits and behaviors. However, the pattern of published results isExpand
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Event-related potentials in a Go/Nogo task of abnormal response inhibition in heroin addicts
Inhibitory control dysfunction is regarded as a core feature in addicts. The major objective of this study was to explore the time course of response inhibition in chronic heroin addicts and provideExpand
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Psychometric Assessment of the Short Grit Scale Among Chinese Adolescents
This study sought to validate the Short Grit Scale (Grit-S), an instrument that measures perseverance and passion for long-term goals, among Chinese high school students. Confirmatory factor analysesExpand
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Emotional content modulates response inhibition and perceptual processing.
In this study, event-related potentials were used to investigate the effect of emotion on response inhibition. Participants performed an emotional go/no-go task that required responses to human facesExpand
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The mediation effect of menstrual phase on negative emotion processing: Evidence from N2
Numerous studies have shown a ‘negativity bias’ in emotion processing and effect of menstrual phase on emotion processing. Most of these results, however, did not match the arousal of different typesExpand
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Motivational Hierarchy in the Chinese Brain: Primacy of the Individual Self, Relational Self, or Collective Self?
According to the three-tier hierarchy of motivational potency in the self system, the self can be divided into individual self, relational self, and collective self, and individual self is at the topExpand
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The influence of self-construal type on outcome evaluation: Evidence from event-related potentials.
Recent studies have revealed a close relationship between the self and reward networks. One of our previous studies has found that outcome evaluation (including the processing of reward andExpand
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The Motivational Hierarchy between the Personal Self and Close Others in the Chinese Brain: an ERP Study
People base their decisions not only on their own self-interest but also on the interests of close others. Generally, the personal self has primacy in the motivational hierarchy in the WesternExpand
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The male advantage in child facial resemblance detection: Behavioral and ERP evidence
Males have been suggested to have advantages over females in reactions to child facial resemblance, which reflects the evolutionary pressure on males to solve the adaptive paternal uncertaintyExpand
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Event-Related Potential Responses to Beloved and Familiar Faces in Different Marriage Styles: Evidence from Mosuo Subjects
Research on familiar face recognition has largely focused on the neural correlates of recognizing a beloved partner or family member. However, no research has explored the effect of marriage style onExpand
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