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Three Dimensional Morphometry of Distal Femur to Design Knee Prosthesis for Indonesian Population
Las dimensiones propuestas se pueden utilizar como los datos basicos para disenar el tamano ideal para una protesis de rodilla a medida para the poblacion de Indonesia.
Finite element method simulation of mushy zone behavior during direct-chill casting of an Al-4.5 pct Cu alloy
In this article, the stresses, strains, sump depth, mushy zone length, and temperature fields are calculated through the simulation of the direct-chill (DC) casting process for a round billet by
Hot tearing criteria evaluation for direct-chill casting of an Al-4.5 pct Cu alloy
Predicting the occurrence of hot tears in the direct-chill (DC) casting of aluminum alloys by numerical simulation is a crucial step for avoiding such defects. In this study, eight hot tearing
Contraction of aluminum alloys during and after solidification
A technique for measuring the linear contraction during and after solidification of aluminum alloys was improved and used for examination of binary and commercial alloys. The effect of experimental
Fabrication of organic solar cells with design blend P3HT: PCBM variation of mass ratio
Organic solar cells of FTO/PEDOT: PSS/P3HT: PCBM/Al has been fabricated, and its performance has been tested in dark and under various illumination of light intensity 1000 W/m2. The active materials
Effect of codoping cobalt and aluminum on enhancing the piezoelectricity properties of fiber-based zinc oxide
This study reports the effect of co-doping cobalt and aluminum on the properties of ZnO-fiber piezoelectric materials. Synthesizing the ZnO-fiber piezoelectric material consisted of four steps: (1)
Purpose of the study: This study aims to bridge the gap in the dispute over the beginning of modern Indonesian literature and determine which literary work marked the beginning of modern Indonesian