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AIMS A novel xylanolytic multienzyme complex of the aerobic thermophilic fungus Chaetomium sp. nov. MS-017 was produced on palm oil mill fibre (POMF) and partially characterized. METHODS AND RESULTS The assay of the extracellular enzymes of Chaetomium sp. nov. MS-017 on POMF in solid-state fermentation revealed cellulolytic, pectinolytic and extremely(More)
Speech to text was one of speech recognition applications which speech signal was processed, recognized and converted into a textual representation. Hidden Markov model (HMM) was the widely used method in speech recognition. However, the level of accuracy using HMM was strongly influenced by the optimalization of extraction process and modellling methods.(More)
Humans have created a worldwide tragedy through free access to the global common atmosphere. Forest land use change contributes 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause global warming. The 15 Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen increased political commitment to reduce emission from deforestation and degradation and to enhance carbon stocks (REDD+).(More)
Most of rural areas in Indonesia, especially outside Java islands, are still undeveloped and lacked household electric power. On the other hand, grid extension isn't a suitable solution for them because of the general layout in Indonesia is an archipelago state and the price of grid exension is high. Therefore, we must find another solution for electricity(More)
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) has become one of<lb>the pillars of international climate policy, but operational mechanisms to simultaneously<lb>achieve climate change mitigation, livelihood enhancement, and conservation objectives are<lb>lacking. The literature on the trade-offs between these multiple objectives is(More)
One of the disturbance types in the power system is the occurrence of fluctuations in demand for power on the load side. Changes in power demand can cause oscillations inside the generator. One of the additional equipment that is used to damp the oscillation is power system stabilizer. In this paper, power system stabilizer parameter is tuned using random(More)
Palm-oil mill fiber (POMF) is a fibrous, natural hard material discharged in enormous amounts from palm-oil mills in tropical plantations; therefore, research to find microorganisms that decompose POMF was conducted. As the result of screening, a new thermophilic fungus, Chaetomium sp. nov. MS-017, exhibiting rapid growth on POMF was isolated from rotted(More)