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redd External drive for (low cost emission reduction) interacts with the need for (avoiding perverse incentives) efficiency fairness World Agroforestry Centre Project Report BOX 1. Overview of the REDD ALERT project The European Union financed the REDD ALERT project (contract number 226310) to contribute to the development and evaluation of market and(More)
One of the disturbance types in the power system is the occurrence of fluctuations in demand for power on the load side. Changes in power demand can cause oscillations inside the generator. One of the additional equipment that is used to damp the oscillation is power system stabilizer. In this paper, power system stabilizer parameter is tuned using random(More)
Most of rural areas in Indonesia, especially outside Java islands, are still undeveloped and lacked household electric power. On the other hand, grid extension isn't a suitable solution for them because of the general layout in Indonesia is an archipelago state and the price of grid exension is high. Therefore, we must find another solution for electricity(More)
This paper considered maximum power extraction in wind turbines. However, the importance of constant power output of a wind turbine is increasing as the contribution of wind energy to the distribution network / grid grows. This may be considered as a guide of the future pitch angle control problems. The permanent magnetic synchrounous generator (PMSG) wind(More)
This paper discusses an implementation of CMU Sphinx-4 in an automatic speech recognition-based information center (ASRIC) for Indonesian language. The ASRIC uses a vector space model (VSM) to improve the performance of statistical language model and to recognize the user utterance more flexibly. Testing to an Indonesian speaker shows that VSM is capable of(More)
This paper focuses on developing IndoVMS, an application to dictate a short message for Android smartphones using Indonesian language. It is developed using Pocketsphinx and Java. Testing to five speakers, three males and two females, shows that the word error rate is so high for statistical language model and quite low for rule-based grammar. Investigating(More)
The European Union financed the REDD ALERT project (contract number 226310) to contribute to the development and evaluation of market and non-market mechanisms and the institutions needed at multiple levels for changing stakeholder behaviour to slow deforestation rates of tropical landscapes and hence reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Its specific(More)