Suxing Liu

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In this study we used adenovirus vector-mediated transduction of either the p53 gene (rAd-p53) or the p21(WAF1/CIP1) gene (rAd-p21) to mimic both p53-dependent and -independent up-regulation of p21(WAF1/CIP1) within a human ovarian cancer cell line, 2774, and the derivative cell lines, 2774qw1 and 2774qw2. We observed that rAd-p53 can induce apoptosis in(More)
BACKGROUND Genome wide transcriptome maps can provide tools to identify candidate genes that are over-expressed or silenced in certain disease tissue and increase our understanding of the structure and organization of the genome. Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) from the public dbEST and proprietary Incyte LifeSeq databases were used to derive a transcript(More)
This paper focuses on a general framework for singular point extraction from vector field. We design a new index of singular point based on complex polynomial model. We test our method in the publicly available benchmark dataset of the singular point detection competition (SPD2010). Our algorithm gets the best results and produces large margins compared to(More)
Object segmentation plays an important role in multi-view video analysis. In this paper, we present a new object segmentation method for multi-view video in which only the disparity is used for segmentation and the motion estimation is neglected. Firstly, a modified locally adaptive support-weight approach is proposed for disparity estimation. Then,(More)
BACKGROUND The EST database provides a rich resource for gene discovery and in silico expression analysis. We report a novel computational approach to identify co-expressed genes using EST database, and its application to IL-8. RESULTS IL-8 is represented in 53 dbEST cDNA libraries. We calculated the frequency of occurrence of all the genes represented in(More)
Different from current foreground and background segmentation methods, we did not utilize the low level image representation method (such as boundaries and textures) to extract the feature of the videos, instead we proposed a spatio-temporal feature classifier to obtain the union region of object from natural videos as the interest points. We slide the(More)
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