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Resveratrol (RSV) has beneficial effects on renal diseases, but its underlying mechanisms are still unclear. In the present study, we investigate the renoprotective effects of RSV on obesity-related renal diseases and clarify the potential mechanisms. Male C57BL/6J mice were fed with high-fat diet (HFD) with or without 400 mg/kg RSV treatment for 12 weeks.(More)
Certain web behavior of community learning in web environment could explicitly or implicitly reflect to series learning characteristics, which can more or less response some learning attitude and effect. If learners attain the feedback of this information through virtual learning community by themselves easily and visually, it will be helpful to improve(More)
The design of traditional network course is developed by its specialized teachers and technicians to achieve its teaching goal. This miniature network class might be called as one-off and non-renewable resource. Nowadays, along with the mature of computer component technology, the development of this manual workshop-like is obsolete. This paper discusses(More)
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