Suwin Nilanga Hewage

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BACKGROUND The Sri Lankan twin registry is one of the first to be established in a developing country, and its design has ensured sampling from a wide range of environmental conditions. It thus has great potential to examine environmental and genetic influences on diverse phenotypes, including psychiatric disorders, in the context of a diversity of(More)
BACKGROUND Lack of proper understanding on the part of researchers about public understanding of research and informed consent will increase the potential for malpractice. As a part of a larger study on ethics and informed consent in Sri Lanka, this study aimed to ascertain the level of understanding of 'research' by exploring the views of the public and(More)
BACKGROUND Approval of the research proposal by an ethical review committee from both sponsoring and host countries is a generally agreed requirement in externally sponsored research.However, capacity for ethics review is not universal. Aim of this study was to identify opinions and views of the members serving in ethical review and ethics committees in Sri(More)
The Sri Lankan Twin Registry began as a volunteer register in 1997. Previously, we have shown door-to-door surveys as the best option to build a population-based twin register of older, adult twins. Our aim was to build a population-based twin register in the Colombo district and use it for twin studies on common mental disorders. We aimed to identify a(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the number of research publications in the field of mental health in Sri Lanka from 1900 to 2009. METHODS A search of all publications in psychiatry and mental health from Sri Lanka was conducted using Pubmed, all medical journals published in Sri Lanka and researchers. The identified papers were reviewed for their content and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the validity of selected entry level characteristics in relation to the GCE A/L examination as independent predictors of performance of students in medical school. METHODS A retrospective, analytical study was done at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya. Student characteristics at entry were described by sex, the average(More)
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