Suwimon Boonrungsiman

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Limitations of achieving highly sensitive and stable surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate greatly concern the suitable method for fabrication of large-area plasmonic nanostructures. Herein we report a simple approach using template-based synthesis to create a highly ordered two-dimensional array of gold-silver alloy nanowires, followed by the(More)
Although immortalized cells established from cancerous cells have been widely used for studies in nanotoxicology studies, the reliability of the results derived from immortalized cells has been questioned because of their different characteristics from normal cells. In the present study, human primary erythroid cells in liquid culture were used as an in(More)
We investigated cellular uptake behavior and biological responses of spherical and fibrous titanate nanomaterials in human monocyte THP-1 cells. Two titanate nanofibers (TiNFs), namely TF-1 and TF-2, were synthesized from anatase TiO2 nanoparticles (TNPs) via hydrothermal treatment. The synthesized TiNFs and TNPs were thoroughly characterized for their(More)
The main purpose of this study was to investigate the application of modified chitosan as a potential vector for gene delivery to gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor (GnRHR)-expressing cells. Such design of gene carrier could be useful in particular for gene therapy for cancers related to the reproductive system, gene disorders of sexual development,(More)
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