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The classic approach to time series forecasting is to undertake an analysis of the time series data. Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are designed to learn sequential or time-varying patterns. Due to their dynamic nature, so RNNs are suitable for time series forecasting. As the number of nodes in the input and output layers are application - dependent, the(More)
The rapid growth of wireless communications and its pervasive use in all walks of life are changing the way we communicate in some fundamental ways. Most important, reliance on radio propagation as the physical mechanism responsible for the transport of information-bearing signals from the transmitter to the receiver has endowed communications with a(More)
Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) are one in which self-loops and backward weight connections between neurons are allowed. As a result of these network characteristics, recurrent networks can address temporal behaviors which not possible in feed forward neural networks, such as their behavior in the limit reaches a steady state (fixed point), an oscillation(More)
The online job market is growing rapidly, with thousands and thousands of jobs matched with job seekers. The major benefits of online job markets are the ability to reach a large number of job seekers at low costs, to provide detailed information online, to take applications and even to conduct tests. Also using intelligent program, resumes can be checked(More)
A new algorithm is proposed for improving the convergence of recurrent neural networks. This algorithm is obtained by combining the methods of weight update of Atiya-Parlos algorithm (the algorithm find the direction of weight change by approximation), and Y-N algorithm technique (the algorithm estimate fictitious target signals of hidden nodes to update(More)
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) or e-commerce over mobile devices, has become a major topic of interest for the information systems research community and a key priority for many business organizations. However, m-commerce includes a large range of various services, especially with regard to numerous value-added services. Since Thailand small and medium(More)
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