Suwanna Rasmequan

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We identify and address a fundamental general problem which we regard as crucial for the widespread, effective use of decision support systems (DSS) in the future: how can we substantially improve the quality of interaction, and the degree of flexible engagement, between humans and computers? Rather than seeking an answer in additional technical(More)
Mobile agent is a distributed computing technology which allows the agents to carry their jobs on behalf of users from current processing server to the others. Hence, the migration planning is a significant issue for improving performance of mobile agent. In this paper, we propose an improving method for finding path of mobile agent migration planning based(More)
This paper proposes the Modified Heuristic Greedy Algorithm of Itemset (MHGIS) as a feature selection method for Network Intrusion Data. The proposed method can be use as an alternative method to gain the proper attributes for the proposed domain data: Network Intrusion Data. MHGIS is modified from original Heuristic Greedy Algorithm of Itemset (HGIS) to(More)
Diabetic Retinopathy with exudates causes a major problem in human visualization and becomes a cause of blindness to diabetic patients. In addition, the numbers of diabetic retinopathy patients are increasing while the numbers of doctors are not easily increased in the same proportion. This circumstance causes a heavy work load for doctors. In the past, the(More)
Falls are significant public health problem. In the last few years, several researches based on computer vision system have been developed to detect a person who has fallen to the ground. This paper presents a novel fall detection technique namely the directional bounding box (DBB) to detect a falls event especially a situation of fall direction paralleling(More)
Automatic and accurate detection of vertebral pose of low resolution x-ray images with different bone structure is essential to diagnose patient condition. Low resolution and incomplete x-ray image is created from low level of irradiating that can avoid radiation over doze. In this research, we propose a novel approach to estimate vertebral pose. There are(More)
The objective of learning is to achieve the least error rate. In this paper we proposed a modified cost function as a means to properly measure error rate for imbalanced dataset. Most cost functions apply the same weights to all classes. However, it has been known that for imbalanced problem, the number of instances in the majority class is larger than the(More)
Present radiologic diagnosis of hydrocephalus (HC) are still the main concern for most researchers in the area. This is due to the fact that clinical symptoms and radiographic image of both Hydrocephalus (HC) and Cerebral Atrophy (CA) have similar characters. In this paper, we propose to use two new features: Sulci-Ratio (SR) and Frontal and Occipital Horn(More)