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In this paper, an iterative multiple symbol differential detection for turbo coded differential unitary space-time modulation using a posteriori probability (APP) demodulator is investigated. Two approaches of different complexity based on linear prediction are presented to utilize the temporal correlation of fading for the APP demodulator. The first(More)
In this paper, three noise correlation-aided iterative decoding schemes are proposed for magnetic recording channels, where the correlation is imposed by the equalizer's spectral shaping effect. The first approach exploits the noise' correlation in the form of linear prediction-aided detection by increasing the number of detector trellis states invoked by(More)
The primary medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless local area network (WLAN) is distributed coordination function (DCF) for IEEE 802.11. The binary exponential backoff (BEB) scheme used in 802.11 DCF mechanism may suffer from low throughput when the number of stations gets large due to the lack of flexibility in choosing the contention window(More)