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Distributed collections of Web materials are common. Bookmark lists, paths, and catalogs such as Yahoo! Directories require human maintenance to keep up to date with changes to the underlying documents. The Walden's Paths Path Manager is a tool to support the maintenance of distributed collections. Earlier efforts focused on recognizing the type and degree(More)
Graph-centric and node-centric browsing are the two commonly identified hypertext-browsing paradigms. We believe that path-centric browsing, the browsing behavior exhibited by path interfaces, is an independent browsing paradigm that combines useful aspects of the two commonly supported cases. Paths have long been recognized as an effective medium for(More)
The World Wide Web is a decentralized, unmanaged, dynamically changing repository of digital documents. Walden’s Paths provides tools that enable authors to collect, organize, annotate, and present Web-based information to reader communities via a linear metadocument called a path. Walden’s Paths includes path authoring and reading interfaces supporting the(More)
Network Time Protocol(NTP) is one of the oldest popular networking protocol for packet switched data networkto synchronize the time effectively. This paper represents interface of NTP for an embedded system to serve as client. Practical testing has been performed on electrical protection relay as an example embedded power protection device considering a(More)
The OMAP - L138 DSP+ARM Processor is a dual core SoC developed by Texas Instrument. It has the features of high-geared, small size and power efficiency. It is broadly implemented to advance portable device. This paper emphasises on retrieving the Linux Kernel code, analysing in specific aspect about the modules supported by OMAP - L138 Processor, altered(More)
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