Suthasinee Lamultree

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—Radiation characteristics of a probe-excited rectangular ring antenna are investigated by using the dyadic Green's function approach. The radiation characteristics, such as radiation pattern, beam-peak direction, half-power beamwidth and directivity, are analyzed. For the specified operating frequency, the ring width and ring height are selected as the(More)
This paper presents a method to measure the characteristic impedances and propagation constant of bi-characteristic-impedance transmission lines (BCITLs). The derived expressions for determining the BCITL parameters via measurements are provided. An example of BCITLs is given for both passive (Re{Z<sub>0</sub> <sup>plusmn</sup>} ges 0) and active(More)
This paper presents an analysis of reciprocal lossy periodic structures of transmission lines (TLs) by using the bi-characteristic-impedance TLs (BCITLs). It is found that the reciprocal lossy periodic TL structures (RLSPTLSs) can provide both non-negative (NNCR) and negative characteristic resistances (NCR) with proper complex propagation constants. In(More)
This paper presents the method to determine the input impedance of conjugately characteristic-impedance transmission lines (CCITLs), implemented by multi-section lossless transmission lines (TLs), which can exhibit both non-negative (NNCR) and negative characteristic resistances (NCR). Meta-Smith charts are effectively employed to solve CCITL problems with(More)
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