Sutanu Ghosh

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Present day, the internet telephony growth is much faster than previous. Now we are familiar with digitized packet of voice stream. So, we have required VOIP communication. SIP is one type of VOIP protocol. This one has a SIP proxy. There have one of the important communication environment Wireless LAN (WLAN). WLAN have different radio link standard. Here I(More)
At this present scenario, the demand of the system capacity is very high in wireless network. MIMO technology is used from the last decade to provide this requirement for wireless network antenna technology. MIMO channels are mostly used for advanced antenna array technology. But it is most important to control the error rate with enhanced system capacity(More)
Today, we have required to accommodate a large number of users under a single base station. This can be possible only if we have some flexibility over the spectrum. Previously we have lots of multiplexing methods to accommodate large number of signals in time and frequency domain. But now we have required to accommodate a large number of users in the same(More)
An Ad-hoc network consists of communicating nodes to establish improvised communication with environment without any fixed infrastructure. Nodes in Ad-hoc network (MANET) do not rely on a central infrastructure management but relay packets sent by other nodes. Mobile ad-hoc network can work properly only if the participating nodes collaborate with routing.(More)
Today, Voice over Wireless Local Area Network (VOWLAN) is the most accepted Internet application. There are a large number of literatures regarding the performance of various WLAN networks. Most of them focus on simulations and modeling, but there are also some experiments with real networks. This paper explains the comparison of performance of two(More)
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