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This paper analyzes the effectiveness of the reaching law approach for sliding mode control of discrete time systems. The method is extended for sliding mode control for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems. Modified reaching law for reducing the chattering is proposed. The performance of the proposed controller is analyzed by carrying out simulation(More)
Nurses who interact with families having children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) are perfectly poised to help them understand optimal AD/HD management. While medication can be important in managing AD/HD symptoms, many times it is not a sufficient treatment. A medical examination and a comprehensive neuropsychological or(More)
In this paper, a novel three-dimensional autonomous chaotic system is proposed. The proposed system contains four variational parameters, a cubic nonlinearity term (i.e. product of all the three states) and exhibits a chaotic attractor in numerical simulations. The basic dynamic properties of the system are analyzed by means of equilibrium points, Eigen(More)
H∞ based sliding mode control has several advantage viz. fast response, robustness to parameter variation and disturbance rejection ability. Inverted pendulum qualifies as a benchmark system to test the suitability of controller design for under-actuated, nonlinear unstable system. In this context, H∞ based integral sliding mode controller is(More)
Fre Flight concept is a new air traffic management paradigm that has been proposed by the avionics community to solve the problem of air traffic congestion. But the greatest challenge in realizing such a concept is conflict detection and resolution during the free flight of aircraft. In present scenario, during any conflicts or disturbances, the autopilot(More)