Susumu Shibui

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Perceptual processing of emotional facial expressions occurs very quickly, even without awareness. To determine whether the fast processing of facial expressions is categorical, we studied temporal characteristics of categorical perception (CP) of facial expressions. We investigated the effect of shortening stimulus duration on participant performance with(More)
Although many studies have analyzed the “synchronic” correlation of properties between authors and their co-authors, the “diachronic” correlation of properties, i.e., the correlation between their subsequent and precedent activity, has not yet been sufficiently studied using quantitative methods. This study pays attention not only to productivity but also(More)
It is a fundamental question whether facial expressions are processed categorically or continuously in the multidimensional space. According to Young, Rowland, Calder, Etcoff, Seth, and Perrett (1997), two-dimensional model predicts that: (i) transitions between expressions should be continuous, and (ii) at least some transitions between expressions should(More)
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