Susumu Konno

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We have been working on research and development of advanced network and applications called "flexible computing". We are now in the next stage of this research, strongly pressing forward the concept of flexible computing, namely, "symbiotic computing", towards next generation computing model based on co-existence of real space and digital space. In this(More)
Generally, in order to manage and maintain a network system, it is necessary to carry out a series of operations including assessing the network status, determining the network errors, selecting/approving the countermeasures and applying the countermeasures. Since network systems are becoming more complicated and larger in scale, network operations(More)
The growing complexity of communication networks and their associated information overhead have made network management considerably difficult. This paper presents a novel Network Management Scheme based on the novel concept of Active Information Resources (AIRs). Many types of information are distributed in the complex network, and they are changed(More)
Ubiquitous computing is very expected to improve safety and offer more services in Japan. This involves managing large amounts of personal data, which is currently done by private companies. The paper describes how to use these data to watch children to keep safety on road to go to school. We use an agent-based recognition of relations among people using(More)
In recent years, many studies have been carried out to investigate methodologies for a problem-solving mechanism that uses interconnected computer resources. As one solution, studies of multi-agent systems which can do intelligent processing and provide flexibility to absorb the constant changes of distributed computing environment have been specifically(More)
Recently, the research for the system to recognize user’sintention, action and satisfaction rating by combining sen-sor data and knowledge, and provide the user with high-satisfactory service is advanced. In this paper, we propose aframework for perceptual functions of symbiotic computing.The perceptual function is generated the awareness(More)
A network system is a kind of large and complex systems and the network administrators are required exhaustive work to maintain the quality and functions of the network system. To reduce the load of administrators, systematic and intelligent facilities for the network management tasks should be realized and provided for administrators. In this paper, we(More)