Susumu Iijima

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Langerhans cells in the epidermis at the sites of vaccinia virus inoculation were studied with the electron microscope. The cells contained unusually increased numbers of the Langerhans cell granules. Such abnormal Langerhans cells have not been described except for in histiocytosis X. Vaccinia virus particles were found in the Langerhans cells, where they(More)
The pustule of pustular psoriasis of Zumbusch type has been examined electron microscopically. A Langerhans cell was found in the pustule cavity and its cytoplasm contained granules closely similar in morphology to the distinctive granules of neutrophils. These granules were conglomerated and surrounded by a membrane as a whole. Other organelles of the cell(More)
The depigmented lesion in a case of piebaldism (partial albinism) was examined by electron microscopy. In the epidermis melanocytes were absent and the number of Langerhans cells was increased. In addition several mast cells were found in the epidermis. Die depigmentierte Haut bei einem Fall vom partiellen Albinismus (piebaldism) wurde(More)
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