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CLASPs are mammalian microtubule-stabilizing proteins that can mediate the interaction between distal microtubule ends and the cell cortex. Using mass spectrometry-based assays, we have identified two CLASP partners, LL5beta and ELKS. LL5beta and ELKS form a complex that colocalizes with CLASPs at the cortex of HeLa cells as well as at the leading edge of(More)
A serine/threonine kinase SAD-1 in C. elegans regulates synapse development. We report here the isolation and characterization of mammalian orthologs of SAD-1, named SAD-A and SAD-B, which are specifically expressed in the brain. SAD-B is associated with synaptic vesicles and, like the active zone proteins CAST and Bassoon, is tightly associated with the(More)
The presynaptic active zone (AZ) is a specialized site where neurotransmitter release occurs in a precisely regulated manner. The cytomatrix at the AZ (CAZ)-associated protein CAST and its family member ELKS form a large molecular complex at the AZ and regulate neurotransmitter release by binding other AZ proteins including Bassoon, Piccolo, Munc13-1, and(More)
CAST and ELKS are major components of the presynaptic active zones of neurons in the central nervous system, but it remains elusive whether CAST and ELKS are also components of synapses in the peripheral nervous system. Here, we have attempted to examine their expression and localization at the synapses of neuromuscular junctions. Immunoreactivity for ELKS(More)
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