Susumu Furukawa

Weijing He2
Jane C. Burns2
Chisato Shimizu2
2Weijing He
2Jane C. Burns
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A new algorithm for deciding the similarity of polyhedral objects is presented. The method consists of the following five sub-procedures.&lt;ol&gt;<li>A polyhedron is decomposed into only convex components and represented as a hierarchical tree structure with those convex components, which has already been developed by the authors.</li><li>From the tree(More)
  • Manju Mamtani, Tomoyo Matsubara, Chisato Shimizu, Susumu Furukawa, Teiji Akagi, Yoshihiro Onouchi +5 others
  • 2010
BACKGROUND The etiology of Kawasaki Disease (KD) is enigmatic, although an infectious cause is suspected. Polymorphisms in CC chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) and/or its potent ligand CCL3L1 influence KD susceptibility in US, European and Korean populations. However, the influence of these variations on KD susceptibility, coronary artery lesions (CAL) and(More)
Aneurysms of the vascular wall represent a final common pathway for a number of inflammatory processes, including atherosclerosis and idiopathic vasculitis syndromes. Kawasaki disease (KD) is an acute, self-limited vasculitis in children and the leading cause of acquired coronary artery aneurysms. We sought to identify shared molecular mechanisms of(More)
This paper describes the concept, design and prototype of a tangible user interface (TUI) based toy set for the purpose to bring fun into the lives of hospitalized children. The objective is to encourage children to interact with others and satisfy their curiosity of the outside world. This prototype takes the form of a play set that provides the experience(More)
The fetal brain is thought to have a role in the onset and progression of labor. Evidence also exists for fetal oxytocin release just before and during parturition. The present study examined whether activation of the fetal brain could induce uterine myometrial contractions through oxytocin receptors in the dam. Under urethane anesthesia, electrical(More)
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