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In this paper, we firstly discuss the necessity of a simulation tool'which can handle h huge and complex manufacturing system under CIM environment, and then consider problems incurred by developing such a large system model. A distributed simulation model developed on a distributed computer system is then shown to be a promising method to cope with the(More)
In this study, a manufacturing system locating machining cells in a square array is considered as an agile manufacturing system that can manufacture a variety of kinds of products with varying volumes. Each cell can process any work whose machining operations for each work are divided into some operation groups common to all works. An auction-based(More)
JAPAN Nowadays, Virtual Enterprise (VE) is an important paradigm of business management in agile manufacturing environment. Clearly, there is a need for a mechanism through which these different functions can be integrated together. In this paper, we focus on negotiation process in VE formation to clarify its effective management. Each enterprise in VE is(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate a novel vessel-tracking-based technique for tracking of human liver. The novelty of the proposed technique is that it measures the translation and deformation of a local tissue region based on the displacements of a set of vessels of interest instead of the entire organ. The position of the target point was(More)