Sussan Davies

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BACKGROUND Studies have shown the benign to malignant ratio of excised pigmented skin lesions is suboptimal in primary care. OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of dermoscopy and short-term sequential digital dermoscopy imaging (SDDI) on the management of suspicious pigmented skin lesions by primary care physicians. METHODS A total of 63 primary care(More)
BACKGROUND Porcine neonatal islet-like cell clusters (NICC) are being considered as a source of β-cell replacement. However, the lag time to full function due to hormonal immaturity remains a problem. This study aimed to determine whether time in culture was important for NICC function in vivo. METHODS Neonatal islet-like cell clusters were isolated from(More)
A growing body of literature illustrates that bronchoalveolar lavage is a reliable and efficient means of diagnosing primary and secondary malignancies in the lung. Its safety in severely compromised patients often makes it preferable to other biopsy procedures. However, a variety of reparative and degenerative pulmonary disorders may result in cytologic(More)
  • S Davies
  • 2006
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the effect of timing of the cervical smear test on sample adequacy. METHODS Inadequate and negative smears from pre-menopausal women, with a regular menstrual cycle and who were not undertaking any hormone therapy, were selected and re-screened. The inadequate smears were then categorized according to the(More)
Cytologic identification of Aspergillus is usually based on recognition of hyphal elements; conidia are rarely seen. We report a case of autopsy-proven pulmonary Aspergillosis which was studied antemortem by bronchoalveolar lavage. This mass arose in the clinical setting of chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis. The specimen contained numerous(More)
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