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Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Neonatology Division, Department of Radiology and Department of Pediatrics, Perinatal Genetics Division, Louisiana State University, Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA Correspondence to Senthilkumar Sankararaman, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Louisiana State University Health Sciences(More)
Patients with dysmorphic disorders seem to have frequent respiratory infections that may be attributed to associated anatomic or neurological abnormalities, but immune defects may contribute to their susceptibility to infections. We screened subjects with dysmorphic conditions for major hematologic, B-cell and T-cell defects. We studied 84 subjects with(More)
Acute gastroenteritis remains a common medical problem in the pediatric population and diarrhea may be life threatening in the neonate. Organic aciduria has been observed in children with short bowel, malabsorption, and Hirschsprung’s disease,’6 and methemoglobinemia has been observed in children with acute diarrheal disease.7’5 The two infants described(More)
West syndrome consists of the triad of infantile spasms, characteristic electroencephalogram (EEG) pattern of hypsarrythmia and developmental delay. Infantile spasms generally occur in infants during the first year of life. There are different genetic mutations and syndromes associated with infantile spasms. We report the case of a white 14-month-old boy(More)
Geographic distribution of cancer incidence, as judged from death certificates in Louisiana, shows evidence of strong epidemiological forces. Inspection of data on migration and lung cancer frequency shows them to be associated. Inmigrants account for a majority of the lung cancer deaths. Under assumptions of phenotypic complexity stemming from both genetic(More)
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