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Background: A paucity of information about male reproductive health and a perceived interest in involvement among local men provided the impetus for carrying out a village based male reproductive health camp. The aim was to investigate men's willingness to participate in such camps, and to describe reproductive health problems in men.
Multiband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MB-OFDM) approach using UWB signals with short duration of pulses provide unique advantages in short-range high data rate wireless applications which include easy penetration through obstacles, high precision ranging and low processing power. In this paper a performance study on MB-OFDM is attempted for(More)
Spectrum sensing is a key technology in cognitive radio networks (CRNs) to detect the unused spectrum. To achieve better performance cognitive radio (CR) users need to be able to adapt their transmission parameters according to the rapid changes in the surroundings. This paper proposes multi-objective hybrid invasive weed optimization and particle swarm(More)
The proposed neural equalizer structure is based on a novel orthogonal basis function (OBF) expansion technique, motivated by genetic evolutionary concept, which utilizes a self-breeding approach to evolve new information to consolidate the final output. Here, the decision at a feedforward neural network (FNN) node termed as expert opinion of a generation(More)
Climate change induced sea level rise (SLR) added with anthropogenically altered environment leads to rapid land dynamics in terms of erosion and accretion; and alteration in species diversity and productivity, more pronouncedly in sensitive ecosystems such as river deltas. Here, we tried to analyze the historical records to understand the SLR with respect(More)
CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the draft report/thesis titled " GSM based distribution transformer monitoring system " , submitted to the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela by Mr. award of Bachelor of Technologyin Electrical Engineering, is a bonafide record of research work carried out by him under my supervision and guidance. The candidate(More)