Susmita Das

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The proposed neural equalizer structure is based on a novel orthogonal basis function (OBF) expansion technique, motivated by genetic evolutionary concept, which utilizes a self-breeding approach to evolve new information to consolidate the final output. Here, the decision at a feedforward neural network (FNN) node termed as expert opinion of a generation(More)
Climate change induced sea level rise (SLR) added with anthropogenically altered environment leads to rapid land dynamics in terms of erosion and accretion; and alteration in species diversity and productivity, more pronouncedly in sensitive ecosystems such as river deltas. Here, we tried to analyze the historical records to understand the SLR with respect(More)
For high data rate ultra wideband communication system, performance study of mutual interference such as suppression of interference signal by performing pulse shaping from UWB to other narrowband system using wavelet technique and reduction of interference from other narrowband system to UWB system in conjunction with Transmitted-Reference (TR-UWB)(More)
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For high data rate ultra wideband communication system, performance comparison of Rake, MMSE and Rake-MMSE receivers is attempted in this paper. We have taken into account of impact of all the parameters such as the effect of the number of Rake fingers and equalizer taps on the error performance by combating ISI are the major focus of our research. The bit(More)