Susil Kumar Bishoi

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The multiple-recursive matrix method for generating pseudorandom vectors was introduced by Niederreiter (Linear Algebra Appl. 192 (1993), 301-328). We propose an algorithm for finding an efficient primitive multiplerecursive matrix method. Moreover, for improving the linear complexity, we introduce a tweak on the contents of the primitive multiple-recursive(More)
A class of xorshift random number generators (RNGs) are introduced by Marsaglia. We have proposed an algorithm which constructs a full period xorshift RNG from a given primitive polynomial. It is shown there is a weakness present in those RNGs and is suggested its improvement. A separate algorithm is also proposed which returns a full period xorshift(More)
Algebraic attacks is a powerful type of attacks against LFSR-based stream ciphers. Solving large sparse linear equations Ax = b is needed for this attack. The traditional Gaussian elimination is not efficient for such matrix equations because of its cube run time complexity. Quadratic run time algorithms like Lanczos or Wiedemann Methods are the better for(More)
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