Susie Jacobs

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In case you've been living in a cave during the past few years, the American semiconductor industry has gotten into a bit of trouble, This book points the finger at Japan as the biggest troublemaker and offers some important lessons for Ameri­ can high-technology industry, The sub­ ject of industrial competitiveness should interest all of us, especially our(More)
Medicare/Medicaid risk marketing is a vital business challenge, one that countless managed care organizations are facing right now. Early entry into new markets and aggressive participation in existing markets are essential to meet competitive pressures. Health plans intent on success in government risk programs should conduct research to learn the medical(More)
Land reform, after a long period of being considered irrelevant or passé, has now emerged into the media and political limelight. To some extent, this is due to the well-publicised land invasions in Zimbabwe. However, the Brazilian MST's mobilizations in the 1990s have attracted attention and land invasions have also occurred in South Africa in the recent(More)
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