Susi Wise

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Immunohistochemistry staining for beta-amyloid precursor protein (beta-APP) is a sensitive method to detect early axonal damage in traumatic brain injury, which was previously estimated to be of minimum 60-90 min after head injury. We present seven cases of well-documented posttraumatic survival of 35-60 min where beta-APP detects early axonal damage. Cases(More)
At present, schizophrenia is conceptualized as a clinical syndrome with apparent heterogeneity of etiologic and pathogenic factors. There is observed variability in age of onset, manifestation, pattern of progression , response to treatment and stress, associated biological and psychological features, and outcome of the illness. Most investigators assume(More)
INTRODUCTION Dementia is a growing health and social concern for all Australians. Whilst the prevalence of dementia amongst Australia's indigenous people is unclear, there is some evidence that dementia rates are five times that of the general Australian population. To date no studies have examined dementia knowledge levels in indigenous communities. (More)
Breast-conserving surgery ("lumpectomy") with primary radiation therapy is gaining acceptance as an alternative to mastectomy for breast cancer. Currently, little is known about the specific immediate and long-range biopsychosocial effects of breast-conserving therapy as compared to more traditional mastectomy procedures. Physicians' speculations about the(More)
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