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Efficient adsorption of Norfloxacin by Fe-MCM-41 molecular sieves: Kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Abstract Fe-MCM-41 was prepared by a direct synthesis method and employed as an adsorbent to remove Norfloxacin (NFX) in water. The characterization results showed that Fe-MCM-41 retained theExpand
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Effective mineralization of Diclofenac by catalytic ozonation using Fe-MCM-41 catalyst
Abstract Degradation efficiency and detoxification of Diclofenac (DCF) in Fe-MCM-41/O3 process were evaluated in this study. Both O3 and Fe-MCM-41/O3 systems were effective for DCF removal and theExpand
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Synthesis of MnOx/SBA-15 for Norfloxacin degradation by catalytic ozonation
Abstract Norfloxacin, a kind of widely used fluoroquinolone antibiotics, was degraded by MnOx/SBA-15/O3 process. The prepared catalyst possessed a large surface area ranging from 405 to 671 m2 g−1,Expand
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Activity assessment of direct synthesized Fe-SBA-15 for catalytic ozonation of oxalic acid
Abstract Highly ordered Iron-doped SBA-15 mesoporous material (Fe-SBA-15), which was synthesized via a direct hydrothermal method under weak acid condition, was used as heterogeneous catalyst for theExpand
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Transfection of neurotrophin-3 into neural stem cells using ultrasound with microbubbles to treat denervated muscle atrophy
Neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) has potential as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of patients with denervated muscle atrophy. However, the endogenous secretion of NT-3 is low and exogenous NT-3 lacksExpand
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