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Gene expression data clustering is one of the important tasks of functional genomics as it provides a powerful tool for studying functional relationships of genes in a biological process. Identifying coexpressed groups of genes represents the basic challenge in gene clustering problem. In this regard, a gene clustering algorithm, termed as robust(More)
Gene selection from microarray data is an important issue for gene expression based classification and to carry out a diagnostic test. In this regard, a rough set based gene selection algorithm is presented. It selects the set of genes by maximizing the relevance and significance of the genes, which are calculated based on the theory of rough sets. Using(More)
The microRNAs, also known as miRNAs, are the class of small noncoding RNAs. They repress the expression of a gene posttranscriptionally. In effect, they regulate expression of a gene or protein. It has been observed that they play an important role in various cellular processes and thus help in carrying out normal functioning of a cell. However,(More)