Sushmita Kundu

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BACKGROUND The Revised National Tuberculosis Control programme (RNTCP), India. AIM To assess the impact of the expansion of the RNTCP in the case detection and treatment outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS Reports of patients with tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed and treated under RNTCP from 2001 to 2005 under Bagbazar TB unit (TU), Kolkata, reviewed(More)
INTRODUCTION Although there has been many studies quoting ENT and rhinology complications, there have been none looking at the complication rates of one department with a single specialist rhinologist over a 5-year period. PATIENTS AND METHODS Over a 5-year period between 1998 and 2002, the number of operative procedures undertaken in the ENT department(More)
The workers engaged in storage grain handling are exposed to storage grain dust and suffer from different respiratory symptoms like, cough wheezing, chest tightness, eye and nasal irritations. It has been reported abroad and the present study results noted that the grain handlers have allergic symptoms like redness of eyes, itching, sneezing, skin rash,(More)
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