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The Canadian satellite RADARSAT launched in November 1995 acquires C-band HH polarisation Synthetic Aperture Ž . Radar SAR data in various incident angles and spatial resolutions. In this study, the Standard Beam S7 SAR data with 458–498 incidence angle has been used to discriminate rice and potato crops grown in the Gangetic plains of West Bengal state.(More)
The effect of the structure on electrical parameters of short channel Double-Gate Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (DG MOSFETs) has been explored. To quantitatively assess the nanoscale DG MOSFET's characteristics, the On current(I<inf>on</inf>), Off current (I<inf>off</inf>), Sub threshold Swing (SS), Threshold voltage (V<inf>th</inf>),(More)
Livestock has been the mainstay of Indian agriculture sector and also a major source of GHGs emissions from the world's largest livestock population. The milching livestock (including lactating dairy cattle, buffalo and goat) constitutes 21.3% of the country's livestock. We present a detailed inventory of GHGs emissions from milching livestock (using the(More)
An operational crop survey program requires standardised procedures and software packages to meet the specified targets Ž . of timeliness and accuracy of estimates. Currently, the focus is to include Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR data in such a program, as these data are available from a number of sensors. A procedure has been developed to use multi-date SAR(More)
Recognising importance of horticulture in promoting livelihood and employment opportunity and bringing prosperity to the state, the Govt. of India has extended National Horticulture Technology Mission Programme to Himachal Pradesh. The objective of Mission is to develop horticulture based farming system that is economically viable and ecologically(More)
The paper presents a detailed understanding of nitrogenous fertilizer use in Indian agriculture and estimation of seasonal nitrogen loosses from rice crop in Indo-Gangetic plain region, the 'food bowl' of the Indian sub-continent. An integrated methodology was developed for quantification of different forms of nitrogen losses from rice crop using remote(More)
Bringing green revolution in eastern India (BGREI) is an initiative of Department of Agriculture and Co-operation (DAC) Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Govt. of India with the aim of increasing crop productivity through improved inputs and package of practices in seven states of eastern India comprising the low productivity zones. The current study aimed at(More)
Hyperspectral leaf reflectance of a plant provides unique information that is characteristic of that plant. The present investigation is a preliminary attempt to assess whether spectra of leaves of mangrove species recorded under field conditions contain adequate spectral information for discerning mangroves at species rank. The paper highlights the(More)