Sushma Panigrahy

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This study was conducted to explore whether hyperspectral data could be used to discriminate between the effects of different rates of nitrogen application to a potato crop. The field experiment was carried out in the Central Potato Research Station, Jalandhar, on seven plots with different nitrogen (N) treatments. Spectral reflectance was measured using a(More)
The Canadian satellite RADARSAT launched in November 1995 acquires C-band HH polarisation Synthetic Aperture Ž . Radar SAR data in various incident angles and spatial resolutions. In this study, the Standard Beam S7 SAR data with 458–498 incidence angle has been used to discriminate rice and potato crops grown in the Gangetic plains of West Bengal state.(More)
An operational crop survey program requires standardised procedures and software packages to meet the specified targets Ž . of timeliness and accuracy of estimates. Currently, the focus is to include Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR data in such a program, as these data are available from a number of sensors. A procedure has been developed to use multi-date SAR(More)
Conservation and wise use of wetlands has been given priority world over. India harbours diverse types of wetlands. This study highlights the findings of the national-level inventory and assessment of wetlands carried out using RESOURCESAT-1 LISS-III data of 2006–07 at 1 : 50,000 scale. A hierarchical system comprising 19 classes based on Ramsar definition(More)
In agroecosystems, the annual carbon (C) inputs to soil are one of the most promising greenhouse gas mitigation options. Net primary productivity (NPP) provides the inputs of C in ecosystems that can potentially be sequestered in soil organic matter. In this study, we estimates the C density and accumulation rate in rice-wheat agroecosystem at four sites of(More)
Hyperspectral leaf reflectance of a plant provides unique information that is characteristic of that plant. The present investigation is a preliminary attempt to assess whether spectra of leaves of mangrove species recorded under field conditions contain adequate spectral information for discerning mangroves at species rank. The paper highlights the(More)
The effect of the structure on electrical parameters of short channel Double-Gate Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (DG MOSFETs) has been explored. To quantitatively assess the nanoscale DG MOSFET's characteristics, the On current(I<inf>on</inf>), Off current (I<inf>off</inf>), Sub threshold Swing (SS), Threshold voltage (V<inf>th</inf>),(More)