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Many networking applications require fast state lookups in a concurrent state machine,which tracks the state of a large number of flows simultaneously.We consider the question of how to compactly represent such concurrent state machines. To achieve compactness,we consider data structures for Approximate Concurrent State Machines (ACSMs)that can return false(More)
A counting Bloom filter (CBF) generalizes a Bloom filter data structure so as to allow membership queries on a set that can be changing dynamically via insertions and deletions. As with a Bloom filter, a CBF obtains space savings by allowing false positives. We provide a simple hashing-based alternative based on d-left hashing called a d-left CBF (dlCBF).(More)
—More fundamental than IP lookups and packet classification in routers is the extraction of fields such as IP Dest and TCP Ports that determine packet forwarding. While parsing of packet fields used to be easy, new shim layers (e.g., MPLS, 802.1Q, MAC-in-MAC) of possibly variable length have greatly increased the worst-case path in the parse tree. The(More)
Cloud Management Systems (CMS) such as Open Stack are commonly used to manage IT resources such as computing and storage in large data enters. Recently, CMS are starting to offer customers also the possibility to customize their network infrastructure, allowing each tenant to build his virtual network made of elementary blocks such as traffic monitors,(More)
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