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In this paper, we prove a common fixed point theorem for hybrid pairs of set and single valued mappings without assuming compatibility and continuity of any mapping on noncomplete metric spaces. To prove the theorem, we use a noncompatible condition, that is, weak commutativity of type (KB). We show that completeness of the whole space is not necessary for(More)
In this paper, we formulate the definition of compatible map-pings of type (I) and (II) in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces and prove a common fixed point theorem by using the conditions of compatible mappings of type (I) and (II) in complete intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces. Our results intuitionistically fuzzify the result of Cho, Sedghi, and Shobe(More)
CR-39 detectors, widely used for neutron dosimetry in accelerator radiation environment, have also been applied in tissue microdosimetry by generating the linear energy transfer (LET) spectrum. In this work, the neutron dose has been estimated via LET spectrometry for (9)Be (p, n) reaction which is useful for personnel monitoring around particle(More)
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