Sushil K. Mohapatra

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Micronutrients when fed around peripartum may reduce the stress induced by cortisol. With this objective, 24 Sahiwal (SW) and 24 Karan Fries (KF) cows and 24 Murrah (Mu) buffaloes were taken and divided into four groups of six each. Vitamin E (VE), zinc (Zn) and copper were supplemented from 30 days pre- to 30 days postcalving in groups 1, 2 and 3. Animals(More)
Use of non-viable somatic cells for hand-made cloning (HMC) can enable production of cloned animals from tissues obtained from elite or endangered dead animals. Buffalo skin fibroblast cells were rendered non-viable by heat treatment and used for HMC. Although fusion (93.6 ± 1.72 vs 67.1 ± 2.83%) and cleavage (90.3 ± 1.79 vs 65.8 ± 1.56%) rate was lower (P(More)
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