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To understand the genetic basis of tolerance to drought and heat stresses in chickpea, a comprehensive association mapping approach has been undertaken. Phenotypic data were generated on the reference set (300 accessions, including 211 mini-core collection accessions) for drought tolerance related root traits, heat tolerance, yield and yield component(More)
Given recent advances in pulse molecular biology, genomics-driven breeding has emerged as a promising approach to address the issues of limited genetic gain and low productivity in various pulse crops. The global population is continuously increasing and is expected to reach nine billion by 2050. This huge population pressure will lead to severe shortage of(More)
– A physical experiment from the undergraduate thermo-fluids laboratory titled " Venturimeter as a Flow Measuring Device " has been chosen for its mapping into the virtual domain, as a computer-based experiment. The virtual experiment described in the present study, combines three unique aspects simultaneously: use of computer generated (virtual) data to(More)
In-vitro regeneration in fieldpea was achieved from immature embryonic axes and cotyledonary node explants of six genotypes on modified MS media supplemented with different concentration of plant growth regulators, 6-Benzylamino purine (BAP) and Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA). The best regeneration response, leading to multiple shoot formation efficiency(More)
Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is known to be sensitive to many herbicides and, therefore, choices for using post-emergence herbicides for weed control are limited. The present study was aimed at identifying sources of tolerance to two herbicides with different modes of action (imazethapyr—amino acid synthesis inhibitor; and metribuzin—photosynthesis(More)
This paper is deliberated to provide a model for Host-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention (HIDPS). HIDPS is increasingly becoming important to protect the host computer systems and its own network activities. HIDPS with intelligence is integrated into the computer systems to detect the intruder attacks activities, malicious Behaviour, application(More)
In this paper we present different demand policies in scheduled lightpath demand (SLDs) .SLD is a demand for a set of lightpaths (connections), defined by a tuple (s,d,n,α,ω) where s and d are the source and destination nodes of the lightpaths, n is the number of requested lightpaths α, ω and are the setup and tear-down times of the lightpaths. The(More)
In this paper, Intrusion detection is to detect attacks(Intrusions) against a computer system. In the highly networked modern world, conventional techniques of network security such as cryptography, user authentication and intrusion prevention techniques like firewalls are not sufficient to detect new attacks. In this paper, we perform experiments on the(More)
– Simulation and visualization have been used to develop " virtual assembly " as a student learning tool for comprehension and reinforcement of concepts in basic engineering thermodynamics course in undergraduate engineering curriculum. Using a web-based module described in this study, students are able to assemble on a computer screen a multistage(More)