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Current conveyors are unity gain active elements exhibiting high linearity, wide dynamic range and high frequency performance than their voltage mode counterparts. The new current conveyor operating at low-voltage supplies high input impedance and low output impedance and consumes less power. In this study, a new low-voltage class AB second generation(More)
Worsening mobility and "off legs" are common reasons to seek a medical opinion. A 62-year-old gentleman, previously fit and healthy, was referred to a district general hospital in the UK with worsening mobility. The initial clinical features were suggestive of Miller Fisher syndrome (MFS). Initial investigations were unremarkable apart from mild(More)
Current mirror (CM) is the basic building block in analog and mixed mode circuit design. For high performance analog circuit applications, the current transfer ratio, output impedance and output swing are the most important parameters to determine the performance of the current mirror. CM's are important for analog integrated circuits because of their wide(More)
CONTEXT To find out the phenotypic character of lymphoblasts of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients in our study cohort and their possible effect on the prognosis. AIMS To investigate the phenotype in ALL in our demographic population and to prognosticate various upfront current protocols employed in our hospital. SETTINGS AND DESIGN The study(More)
Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV), a member of the genus Potyvirus of family Potyviridae, causes mosaic disease in lettuce has recently been identified in India. The virus is seed borne and secondary infection occurs through aphids. To ensure virus freedom in seeds it is important to develop diagnostic tools, for serological methods the production of polyclonal(More)
Design of log domain low pass filters using quasi floating gate MOSFET " , Abstract—This paper presents the design of low voltage analog filters and highlights its comparison with FGMOS and QFGMOS. Though BJTs offer higher transconductance and high frequency response but do not favor device down scaling and high integration. Therefore CMOS version of(More)
1) Ten per cent of cases of chronic maxillary sinusitis in a series of 50 cases treated in the ENT department of Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, were caused by anaerobic infection. 2) The causative anaerobic micro-organisms encountered were Peptostreptococcus and Clostridium species. 3) Treatment should, therefore, include metronidazole, especially in(More)