Sushas Ganguli

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Although high alpha-linolenic acid flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) is one of the richest dietary sources of alpha-linolenic acid and is also a good source of soluble fibre mucilage, it is relatively unstudied in human nutrition. Healthy female volunteers consumed 50 g ground, raw flaxseed/d for 4 weeks which provided 12-13% of energy intake (24-25 g/100 g(More)
Serotonin has been previously shown to stimulate palate reorientation. To elucidate the mechanism by which the neurotransmitter may be regulating palate morphogenesis, the effects of serotonin on cell motility and various metabolic reactions have been measured in vitro. To monitor cell motility, a chemotactic system was employed in which cultured palate(More)
Secretion of catecholamines may play an important role in several of the adaptations that characterize the transition from intra- to extrauterine life including cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic events, specifically the initiation of endogenous glucose production following curtailment of the transplancental maternal supply of glucose. Maturation of(More)
The effects of oral vanadate treatment on the reproductive efficiency of normal and diabetic female rats were studied. Vanadate treatment in a dose-dependent manner reduced both the conception rate and the ability to carry pregnancy to term compared with a control group. These effects were more severe in diabetic groups as compared with nondiabetic groups.(More)
This clinico-epidemiological study was undertaken to substantiate the impression that the pattern of clinical presentation of protein-energy malnutrition causing kwashiorkor-marasmus syndrome (KMS) is changing over time. An analysis of data for the period 1964-88, obtained from the specialised Pediatric Clinic of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine(More)
Oral vanadate treatment is effective in normalizing blood glucose in both Type I and Type II diabetics. Using Sprague Dawley rats we examined the effectiveness of such treatment in amelioration of hyperglycemia in diabetic pregnancy and its effect on fetal growth in both normal and diabetic pregnant dams. Initiation of vanadate treatment to diabetic and(More)
We investigated the development of insulin receptors in membranes of fetal rabbit lung during normal ontogeny and the effect of glucocorticoids and hypothyroidism. Specific binding of 125I-insulin to fetal lung membranes increased progressively to a peak at 29 days gestation, declining by 30 days. Scatchard plots were curvilinear and revealed a progressive(More)
In rabbit liver plasma membranes (LPM), specific binding of 125I-insulin rapidly increased in late gestation and peaked at birth, declining thereafter. In contrast, 125I-glucagon binding was lowest in late gestation, somewhat higher at birth, and increased by 48 h although only to 20-25% of adult. These changes in binding were due to changing numbers of(More)
To investigate whether inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis affects hormone-induced glucose dynamics, we measured glucose turnover in response to glucagon alone (5 ng . kg-1 min-1) or combined with epinephrine (0.1 microgram . kg-1 min-1) in conscious trained dogs (N = 6) on three separate occasions in each animal: (1) during a control saline infusion, (2)(More)