Sushant Gupta

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In this article, the efficient use of a genetic algorithm (GA) to the goal programming (GP) formulation of interval valued multiobjective fractional programming problems (MOFPPs) is presented. In the proposed approach, first the interval arithmetic technique [1] is used to transform the fractional objectives with interval coefficients into the standard form(More)
This paper proposes a classification-based face detection method using Gabor filter features. Considering the desirable characteristics of spatial locality and orientation selectivities of the Gabor filter, we design filters for extracting facial features from the local image. The feature vector based on Gabor filters is used as the input of the classifier,(More)
‘Zero-spin-photon hypothesis’ as proposed in an earlier paper [1] states that: ‘due to inevitable consequence of the second-law of thermodynamics and spin-conservation, the ‘zero-spin-photon’ is generated in pairproduction process (of elementary particles), which decays into neutrino and antineutrino’. The zero-spin photon hypothesis explains [1] several(More)
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