Sushant Goel

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Effective data management in today’s competitive enterprise environment is an important issue. Data is information; and information is knowledge. Hence, fast and effective access to data is very important. Replication is one such widely accepted phenomenon in distributed environment, where data is stored at more than one site for performance and reliability(More)
Middleware technologies have been facilitating the communication between the distributed applications. Traditional messaging system’s are synchronous and have inherent weaknesses like – limited client connections, poor performance due to lack of resource pooling, no store-and-forward mechanism or load balancing, lack of guaranteed messaging and security as(More)
Grid computing has emerged as a global cyber-infrastructure for the next-generation of e-Science applications by integrating large-scale, distributed and heterogeneous resources. Scientific communities are utilizing Grids to share, manage and process large data sets. In order to support complex scientific experiments, distributed resources such as(More)
Acid properties of transactions, 301–303 atomicity, 302 consistency, 302–303 durability, 302–303 isolation, 302–303 Adaptive Plan Correction (APC), 279–280 Amdahl law, 10 Analytical models, 33–46 cost models, 33–34 cost notations, 34–39 communication costs, 38–39 data parameters, 34–35 query parameters, 37 systems parameters, 36 time unit costs, 37–38(More)
High performance Grid computing provides an infrastructure for access and processing of large volume, terabyte or even petabytes, of distributed data. Research in data grid has focused on security issues, resource ownership, infrastructure development and replication issues assuming presence of single transaction in the system. In this paper we highlight(More)
This tutorial will be based on the recently published book, High-Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases (John Wiley & Sons, 2008). The sizes of databases have seen exponential growth in the past and such growth is expected to accelerate in the future, with the steady drop in storage cost accompanied by a rapid increase in storage(More)