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The development activities in mountainous region though provide comfort to the human being and enhance the socioeconomic status of the people but create pressure on the bio-resources. In this paper, the current status of land use/landcover and the vegetation communities of the Solang valley watershed in Himachal Pradesh of Indian western Himalaya has been(More)
Thirty-six strains of Bipolaris oryzae collected from infected seed from different geographical locations in India were used for the analysis of genetic variability by using molecular markers. The molecular characterization using three marker systems, i.e., universal rice primers (URPs), inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) and random amplified polymorphic(More)
The effects of aeration and agitation on metabolic heat, alkaline protease production and morphology for Aspergillus tamarii MTCC5152 are reported in this manuscript. Measurement of metabolic heat has been attempted by the continuous and dynamic heat balance method in a biological real-time reaction calorimeter. At lower agitation intensities,(More)
In aircraft electric motor driven fuel delivery system, the motor must be characterized by high power density, reliability, less size, less weight and high speed. The high speed operation, fault tolerance, high power density makes switched reluctance motor an ideal candidate for high speed aerospace applications. This paper investigates the application(More)
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