Susawat Duangsrisai

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Chemical investigation of the methanol extract of the wood of Garcinia succifolia Kurz (Clusiaceae) led to the isolation of 1,5-dihydroxyxanthone (1), 1,7-dihydroxyxanthone (2), 1,3,7-trihydroxyxanthone (3), 1,5,6-trihydroxyxanthone (4), 1,6,7-trihydroxyxanthone (5), and 1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxyxanthone (6). All of the isolated xanthones were evaluated for(More)
Unspliced (L-SDH) and spliced (S-SDH) transcripts of NAD+-dependent sorbitol dehydrogenase (NAD-SDH) of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch., cv. Nyoho) were investigated. Fructose, mannitol, and IAA increased S-SDH transcript level. Sorbitol decreased the level of L-SDH transcript 2.5-fold. ABA and bensyladenin (BA) decreased S-SDH thanscript level and(More)
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