Susant Srivastava

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Both systolic and diastolic dysfunction in the pediatric population can be identified by bedside echocardiography and can guide therapy and evaluate response to therapy. Isolated diastolic dysfunction is rare in children; however many conditions can lead to systolic dysfunction. In this review various echocardiographic techniques to evaluate both systolic(More)
OBJECTIVE Nucleolar organizer region (NOR) associated proteins are argyrophilic and visualized by silver stains. AgNOR pleomorphic dots increase in cancer and most researchers have done a common count of single dots. Pleomorphic dots are few and perhaps indicate a more severe prognosis. The present study was aimed at investigating the relative preponderance(More)
The study investigated the effect of dietary supplementation of bypass fat on productive performance and blood biochemical profile of lactating Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). Fifteen multiparous buffaloes (2–4 lactation) of early to mid lactation were divided in three homogenous groups T1 (control), T2, and T3 of five each. The animals in T1 were fed(More)
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