Susanne von Widdern

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Separation anxiety in children with severe school refusal evokes often worry about the future with regard to professional career and social integration. This study highlights the native outcome of inpatient children with separation anxiety disorder. 18 of 24 children, who required at the age of 6-13 years between 1996-2002 inpatient treatment because of(More)
OBJECTIVES The self-reported emotional and behavioural disorders among adolescents were assessed by the Youth Self-Report (YSR). The YSR was administered either in households or in classrooms. The goal of the study was to prove whether these different settings affect the prevalence rates of symptoms reported in the YSR. METHODS Mean scores and standard(More)
Internalizing and externalizing problems based on Youth Self-Report (YSR) were investigated in an empirical sample of 371 students at the age of 13 until 18 years from common secondary and vocational schools in Rostock (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) in 2000/2001. Considering syndromes in comparison with other german and international empirical studies,(More)
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