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The purpose of this study is to establish that newborn stroke involving extensive parts of cerebral cortex immediately leads to secondary network injury in pulvinar. Seven term infants with cortical stroke presented with hypersignal in pulvinar on DWI. Stroke types included: complete MCA stroke (n=4); PCA stroke, ICA stroke and multiple artery stroke (1(More)
Current warning labels on cigarette packages are generally focused on long-term losses that can be incurred if one continues smoking. This study compares the effects of these labels against warning labels that stress short-term losses of smoking as well as labels that stress short- and long-term benefits that can be obtained when one quits smoking. A 2(More)
Contents Samenvatting 1 Summary 5 List of key symbols and abbreviations 9 CHAPTER 1. General introduction 13 CHAPTER 2. The effect of neighbouring segments on the measurement of segmental stiffness in the intact lumbar spine 33 CHAPTER 3. The feasibility of modal testing for the measurement of the dynamic characteristics of goat vertebral motion segments 47(More)
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